Monday, August 29, 2011

Berbuka Puasa at PICC, Putrajaya

My colleague, Azman was all hyped-up for the Buka Puasa outing and without hesitation, he proposed PICC @ Putrajaya due to the fact of reasonable prices that comes with fantastic view, no traffic and most importantly, food was catered by Eden.

We were late that night as we're lost and drove in a big round due to the poor signage at Putrajaya. The buffet at PICC was priced at RM 55.00 per person nett.

As we step into the hall, everyone already had their tables filled with fantastic food. Speaking of that, all of our stomachs was growling and we went over to grab our food. There were plenty of food, but the quequ was enormous! We had no choice but to grab whatever that has less people insight as my colleague can't withstand the hunger over the quequ.

Let the pictures talk, shall we?

Halal Dim Sum

The salty porridge

Fried chicken

 My plate


 The so-called Western food with diluted Black Pepper sauce

The small Char Kuey Teow platter after a long quequ

 Fried stuffs...

 Cucur Udang

 The very-cold Pita

 Our so-called Ice-cream bread

I guess only the fries make up for this Western food

 Azman & Cheah


 Zi and Vicky

 Azman with Mr Chong, the big boss

 Cheah happy with his food...

 Betul ke yummy ni, Zi?

The bunch of colleague

Would I go again next year? No, probably not! Though the price was reasonable, the venue that hosts too much people actually makes it worst. Everyone seems to be spending the night either queuing or waiting for the food to replenish and by the time it did, we're already tired of waiting.

Since the night was still young when we're done, we had some time for a little camwhore here and there.....

 Everyone's stuff and a yappy person

 The stalls (tutup business lioa)...

 Cheah, Daniel & Vicky

Zi & Cheah 

 Looks like they're still hungry


Funny people...

PICC at night 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Star Cafe, Taman Desa

Our best buddy was in town just lately, somehow buying vouchers for dine-in seems to be like a must for us. Hey! Who can resist such good deals if you know you’ll dine & wine till wee hours? It wasn’t till wee hours for us, but late night.
We bought a good deal through that ended with a tremendous response. Reservation was a brisk and we showed up on 8th August for the dinner.
Fiona used to be Star Café’s regular customer those bygone days and it used to be a pub yet still serves food, but I’ve never step in as it’s more to a pub kind of atmosphere set-up.
The recent refurbishment in my opinion was really relaxing as it is really airy thanks to the open concept and full blast from the fans & air-conds, brrrrr! The interior was furnished with laid back rattan chairs so you can sit back and sip in with your best buddies.

We gave our vouchers and the waiter take care the rest. Drinks and soups were served promptly. While the voucher entitles milk shakes rather than the same old soft drinks or Ice Lemon Tea, most of them opt for the latter.

The Mushroom Soup that smelled too much of Ajinomoto

Strawberry Milk Shake

The RM 17.90 voucher includes a bowl of Mushroom Soup, one Main Course, one dessert & one drink. The gang ordered the Chicken Cordon Blue or Lamb Shank even though there were about 4 choices given for the Main Course.
Megan and Fiona ordered the Supreme of Chicken Cordon Blue. Basically, it is Chicken Breast stuffed with Ham and Cheddar Cheese, Deep Fried and served with Fries and Vegetable. Both said it was alright and being surrounded by adorable friends, they scoop some for me to try!

Braised NZ Lamb Shank with Aromatic Herbs served with Spaghetti came and we were impressed, talk about the size of the platter and the bone! It’s a good tool to train the dogs! Feedback was alright too, as the reunion was more important than the food, or so wise?

Since “H” was not able to attend, I did not use mine and instead ordered a plate of Fried Rice, I’m starving man! For RM 15, I thought it’s gonna just be a plate of plain Fried Rice, but to my delight, it came with Chicken Skewer. There you go, my gang was mesmerized why I am always related to Skewer. I’m a happy hungry girl!

Since most of the people knew Fiona, we had the pleasure to ask the Chef to pose for us at the kitchen.

I did not order any drink, assuming the gang would order beers later. It wasn’t until the sweet waiter came with a glass of water for me noticing I was thirsty, now this is top notch!

Fiona & Keci Meow

Angie & Herman

Enjoying their meal
Kimberly & Fiona

Megan & Alaniss

 Me & Kim

 Me & Megan

 Alaniss & Me

Staring in your eyes.....I feel your love...

Service is always prompt with waiters came clearing the plates and eventually ice-creams were served. We ordered 2 jugs of Carlsberg beer for RM40 each, I think it’s a good bargain and we continued our drinking, chatting & sharing session with everyone going home a happier person filled with laughter and love.

Star Cafe,
65, Jalan 109E,
Taman Desa, Off Jalan Klang Lama,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-7971 3550
Business Hours:
Mon - Sun : 12.00pm - 12.00am